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    Spelos Xl Mouse/Dwarf Ham.Cage 59CM

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    Product description

    The Spelos XL makes sure your mice or dwarf hamsters live in comfort. The cage comes with an inviting running wheel, a feeding bowl, a drinking bottle and a colourful platform with a slide. The top and bottom of the cage are made of plastic. This keeps the cage floor bedding inside the cage and the area around cage clean and tidy. The metal ventilation grid in the top section creates great ventilation and serves as access to the cage.

    * Modern elegantly shaped mice and dwarf hamster cage
    * Accessories include: a platform, a feeding bowl, an exercise wheel and a drinking bottle (100 ml)
    * The environment around cage stays clean thanks to plastic hood which keeps litter inside
    * Metal grid on top helps ventilation inside the cage and serves as an access door
    * Easy to clean thanks to the whole top part coming off easily
    * Suited for 1 dwarf hamster or 2 mice
    * Also suitable for nursing sick or young animals
    * Cage dimensions: 59 x 37 x 56 cm
    * Distance metal grid: 6,5 mm

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    Spelos Xl Mouse/Dwarf Ham.Cage 59CM

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