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    Pet Bottle Brush

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    The Pet Bottle brush is the ideal perfect tool to clean both your pets water bottle and the drinking tube. The large brush is suitable for cleaning all types of drinking bottles and cleans easily the surface and the corners of the bottle. The little brush keeps the spout clean. Cleaning your bottle regularly will prevent algae growth and keep your pet healthy.
    Clean your bottle at least once per week. If you use medication, you must clean the bottle more frequently.The bottle brush is especially recommend for Savic drinking bottles Biba (100, 150, 250 , 500 and 1000 ml) and Source (300, 600 and 1000 ml).

    * Large brush suitable for cleaning drinking bottles
    * Cleans the surface and corners inside the bottle
    * Small brush keeps the spout clean.
    * Regular cleaning prevents algae growth and keeps your pet healthy.
    * Clean the bottle at least once a week.
    * When using medicines, clean the bottle more often.

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    Pet Bottle Brush

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