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    Nestor Cat Toilet With Filter Wh/NdBlue

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    Product description

    Nestor is a modern designed cat toilet home, easy and quick to clean thanks to the folding front. The cat toilet home Nestor is easy to clean. The specially developed front opens wide, allowing the soiled cat litter to be removed carefully and quickly without removing the top part. The tray of the Nestor has a raised back which prevents leakages and makes it extremely suitable for cats that pee backwards. The toilet home comes also with a built-in handle, a plastic swing door and a carbon filter. Use our litter tray bags Bag it Up Maxi for a perfect clean litter tray and an extended lifetime of the tray. For a clean and tidy environment around the Nestor, use Litter Tray Mat Nestor. When using this mat, the cat litter will be removed from the cat's paws when stepping out the tray or toilet.

    * Cat toilet home
    * Folding front for quick & easy cleaning
    * Raised back prevents leakages
    * Extremely suitable for cats that pee backwards
    * With built-in handle, swing door & filter
    * Recommended for easy maintenance and extended lifetime of the tray: litter tray bags Bag it Up Maxi
    * For a clean & tidy environment around the tray, use Litter Tray Mat Nestor Nestor.

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    Nestor Cat Toilet With Filter Wh/NdBlue

    £11.08 GBP