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    Cat Litter Trays Bluestone Large 42cm

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    Modern designed cat litter tray.The litter tray has a low entry height for easy access. With the help of our cat litter scoops Micro or Macro, you can easily scoop out waste. Our litter tray bags Bag it Up Large extend the lifetime of the litter tray. The bags prevent urine sediments and unpleasant odours inside the litter tray. For a clean and tidy environment around the Iriz, use Litter Tray Mat Standard. When using this mat, the cat litter will be removed from the cat's paws when stepping out the tray or toilet.

    * Kitten and cat litter tray
    * Modern design
    * Low entry height for easy access
    * Recommended for easy maintenance and extended lifetime of the tray: litter tray bags Bag it Up Medium
    *For a clean & tidy environment around the tray, use Litter Tray Mat Nestor Standard

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    Cat Litter Trays Bluestone Large 42cm

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