Terms of service


Welcome to K9
Leathers, your trusted pet wholesale supplier. We want to make sure our terms
and conditions are clear and easy to understand. Please take a moment to read
through them.

 1. Interpretation

 1.1 Definitions

- **Business Day**:
Any day (except weekends and public holidays) when banks in London are open.

- **Conditions**:
These terms and conditions as mentioned in this document.

- **Contract**: The
agreement between you (the Customer) and K9 Leathers for buying our products,
following these Conditions.

- **Customer**: You,
the person or business purchasing our products.

- **Force Majeure
Event**: An event beyond our control, like natural disasters or strikes. 

**1.2 How to
Understand These Terms**

- When we say
"person," it includes individuals, companies, or any other type of

- "Party"
means you or us, and "parties" refer to both of us together.

- Any reference to
laws or regulations includes any changes or updates to them.

- When we use terms
like "including," "include," or "in particular,"
we're providing examples and not limiting the meaning.

"Writing" or "written" includes communications through fax
and email.

 **2. How We Do

**2.1 Our Terms

- These Conditions
govern our relationship with you, and they override any other terms, whether
from you or implied by trade customs or practices.

 **2.2 Placing an

- When you place an
order for our products, it's considered an offer to buy them. Please make sure
your order is accurate and complete.

- Your order must
meet our minimum order value of £150.00

 **2.3 Acceptance of

- We accept your
order when we deliver the goods

- The Contract
includes everything we've agreed upon. You acknowledge that any additional
promises or statements not in the Contract are not binding.

 **2.4 Product

- We describe our
products in our price list and on our website.

- We may change
product specifications if required by law.

 **2.5 Delivery**

- We'll deliver the
products to an agreed location.

- Delivery is
complete when the products arrive at the delivery location.

- Delivery dates are
approximate, and delays can happen due to Force Majeure Events or incomplete
delivery instructions from you.

- You have 48 hours
to notify us of any item differences in your delivery - please email these to

 **2.6 Quality**

- Our products
should match their description and be free from significant defects.

- If there's an
issue, let us know promptly. We may replace or refund the faulty products.

 **2.7 Title and

- Risk passes to you
upon delivery.

- Title to the
products remains with us until you've paid for them in full.

 **3. Pricing and

 **3.1 Price**

- Our prices are
listed in our price list and on our website.

- We can adjust the
price if costs increase beyond our control or if you change your order.

 **3.2 Payment**

- Payment is due on
upon receipt of your delivery

- Payment can be
made online or via BACS - details are on your invoice

- We may charge
interest on overdue payments.

- Additional
administration fees may apply for late or non-payments.

 **4. Termination**

 - We can cancel or
suspend deliveries if you fail to meet payment deadlines. Outstanding sums will
become due immediately.

- This won't affect
our rights or remedies.

 **5. Limitation of

 - We're not liable
for any indirect or consequential loss unless the law says otherwise.

- Our total
liability for other losses is limited to the product's price.

 **6. Force Majeure**

 - We won't be held
responsible if we can't perform our obligations due to events beyond our

 **7. General**

 - Some products have
special return conditions due to laws and regulations.

- Make sure you have
any required licenses to buy our products.

- We may assign our
rights and obligations under the Contract.

- Notice between us
should be in writing.

- If any part of
these Conditions is invalid, it won't affect the rest.

- We can change
these Conditions with written notice.

- English law
governs the Contract, and any disputes will be settled in English courts. 

We're here to help,
so if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We value your
business and want to ensure a smooth and fair partnership.